Mesothelioma Lawsuit – 4 Common Questions & Answers – Get a free mesothelioma lawsuit case review here.

Every year, there are 2000 new cases of mesothelioma being diagnosed in the United States alone. Filing a mesothelioma lawsuit can be a complicated process without the right information from qualified lawyers.

Here are 4 common questions to get your started:

1. How long do I have to sue?

1 to 5 years from the diagnosis or discovery of mesothelioma

2. How long does a case take?

2 years or more

3. What is the range of mesothelioma lawsuit payouts?

2/3 of $1 to $5 million dollars on average

4. Can I get disability because of mesothelioma?

Most common types of mesothelioma qualify for expedited disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

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